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**Under New Management** 



Southern Funeral Home of Henderson, Texas welcomes you to our family, our establishment, and most of all our philosophy which we believe so much in and that is to treat every family just like our own family. For our motto states, "Large Enough To Serve You, Small Enough To Know You!". Our establishmnet has endured the test of time and has never ceased to conitute the legacy, tribute, and compassion throughout our services. We are here to answer your questions, concerns, and your needs in reference to making everlasting memories. When a death occurs and the question is always whom will take care for the for your loved one and most of all provide support to the survivors in which we specialize. Our establishment and staff at Southern Funeral Home has been built on a reputation of excellence in which we will continue to serve our families and communites for the next generations to come. 

Our New Leadership 


Michael Bill, F.D./EMB. & Charlotte A. Bill, F.D.

Cheif Operating Officers & Exective Directors



Clarence S.A. Pierre, Jr.

Manager of Operations & Funeral Director